Technology Aiding UK Fire and Rescue Services

Within the past decade risual has helped thousands of fire and rescue employees engage and understand the technology they’re working with. From training on how to better use technology right through to the implementation and maintenance of the latest tech, increasing productivity and cutting costs.

Since the start of risual’s journey back in the early 2000s, our organisation has been helping UK government organisation’s transform, whether that people through people, processes, culture, or technology change.

COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on our UK Fire and Rescue Services to adapt to the new situation with ease. For a lot of fire and rescue organisations this means successfully implementing, adopting, and maintaining new types of technology that their staff has no experience with. risual’s wide portfolio and offerings allow us to help in all areas from the deployment of technology, through to 27/7 365 day support and even training to ensure staff understands exactly how to get the most out of their new processes, technologies, and way of working.

Check out some of our insightful transformation stories with UK Fire and Rescue Service organisations. From Business, to Digital, right through to Cloud transformation. We’ve done it all…

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