Cyber Security

Implement centralised cyber security controls with proactive, focused and industry-relevant threat intelligence, to make every part of your business more resilient.


Secure, trustworthy, and resilient

With the growing complexity of digital estates and with data growing increasingly more valuable and harder to protect, digital security has become an infinitely complex subject. As organisations move to the cloud, how they secure their identities, applications, services, network, storage, compute, data, devices and staff must be considered and the fundamentals put in place to combat emerging and evolving threats. At risual, we focus on protection, detection, and prevention, with expert cyber security specialists supporting clients of all sizes across industry to be more resilient, trustworthy and secure.

We provide cyber security incident response, threat intelligence and security consulting services, alongside audit and assurance services, right through to our fully outsourced Managed Security (SOC) service.

Identity & Access Management

Take care of day to day operations with confidence, leveraging identities to secure and manage user access to applications and services from any device. We provide secure, integrated and efficient identity & access management solutions, with managed services options available to ensure your identities are regularly optimised for performance and security.

Azure, Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Design, deploy and support the secure foundations businesses need to thrive in the cloud. Securing applications and services to build trust through built-in features and partner solutions. Capabilities extend beyond day to day operations, to applications, storage, networking, compute and Identity, enabling you to scale with confidence.

Modern Work

Combat emerging threats and mitigate risks by securing the identities, data and devices used to access cloud services. Aligned to zero trust principles and focused on providing users with the support and confidence they need when hybrid working. We help our clients strengthen cybersecurity through modern threat dectection and response approaches that drive sustainable operational resiliency.

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Cloud Security Strategy

Broaden and deepen your understanding of your estate, provides insights that empower security teams to prevent incidents and protect against evolving security threats. Produce a strategy based on Microsoft services that helps visualise and identify a roadmap of activities to manage the security of modern IT environments.

Cloud Security Assessment

Our Cloud Security Assessment is designed to assess your cloud services for weakness and misconfiguration which can leave data and services exposed to attack. Our engagement will undertake a review of the configuration of these services, against industry standard security guidelines such as NCSC, and define next steps that will enhance security of these services and combat evolving threats.

Managed Security

Our enterprise-grade 24x7x365 managed security service allows organisations to outsource all or some elements of their security requirements. We work in partnership with you, providing access to security specialists who can quickly measure your exposure to risks, and support you with the introduction and adoption of security services to combat threats.

Identity & Access Management Security

Protect, simplify and safeguard your users by leveraging identity for security, to manage access to your services and critical data. Allow us to architect and implement an integrated solution that ensures compliance and optimises employee productivity.

Azure Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Security

Design, deploy and support cross-platform and cross-cloud security solutions. Making use of the wide array of security tools and capabilities to give you the confidence to scale, knowing that your applications and services are secure.

Modern Work Security

Discover, protect and control your identities, data and devices with our Modern Work Security service. Maximising the depth of security features available in Microsoft 365, we work with stakeholders and teams across your organisation to ensure security is a priority.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

risual’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), based out of Staffordshire UK, is staffed 24x7x365. Detecting and responding to threats, increasing the resilience of client IT systems, through awareness of the changing threat landscape (both internal and external threats) and identifying and helping address negligent or criminal behaviour – through a comprehensive security incident and event management service (SIEM).

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