Public Safety and National Security

Supporting our Police Forces to protect citizens and communities.


Standing with blue light services

Cutting crime and building safer communities is at the heart of new legislation as the government delivers on its pledge to restore confidence in the criminal justice system, with new forthcoming legislation designed to better protect our public and back our police forces

Police Forces and emergency services across the UK are asking themselves how do we harness the power of digital, data and technology to better protect the communities we serve? 

Working with you, risual will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with UK Police Forces and fellow emergency services. 

Harnessing data, digital & technology

We understand the need for Police forces to modernise to continue the critical protection they provide to our communities. Using the guiding principles of the NEP program, forces across the UK are addressing the digital challenge and dealing with the complexity of modern criminality through the exploitation of new technologies.

Better protecting our communities

With 16 years experience working with Police forces we understand the challenges they face with access to data, engaging with communities and public perception. Our role promises to help digital transformation flourish and ensures officers are better informed and prepared to provide protection.

Innovation & making an impact

We appreciate that crimes committed impact critical services such as the NHS and Fire and Rescue teams. We work across these organisations to ensure a streamlined and connected service is delivered, reducing failure demand and providing critical care needed for victims.

Police Digital Services Framework

risual has a unique strategic relationship with the Police Digital Services (PDS)  to ensure our extensive portfolio is available on the framework.

“The Police Digital Service harnesses the power of digital, data and technology to enable UK policing to better protect the communities it serves.”

To find out more about our services on the PDS framework or our partnership do not hesitate to contact us.

Case studies


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