A UK Fire and Rescue Service on-premise technology was slowing the organisation down and ultimately halting productivity. Key stakeholders were being provided with slow, and often failing reports because of the legacy technology.  

Engaging with risual, the Fire and Rescue Service were excited to see the prospects of the latest Microsoft technology. risual ran a Power BI proof of concept (PoC), which involved: 

  • Deploying an on-premise data gateway cluster. 
  • Registering the client production SQL Server Analysis Services cube as a data source. 
  • Publishing several products using the new service. 

The project led to great improvements for the organisation and they are now looking at what other Microsoft technology they can use to improve their organistion. This newfound partnership between the client and risual will continue to grow off the back of this project. 

Benefits included: 

  • Increased performance 
  • Frequently updated data 
  • Collaboration across the whole organisation increased 
  • Clear and concise reports being created  

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