Cloud Transformation

Transforming IT Departments

A modern IT department has the potential to change the ways in which people work to be more secure and collaborative. Through a combination of innovation, trusted leadership, and value-driven services, risual’s cloud transformation portfolio helps our clients accelerate their journeys to the cloud.

Cloud platform lies at the heart of our Cloud Transformation portfolio, bringing with it the benefits and capabilities that the Microsoft Azure ecosystem and Amazon Web Services provides. Reinventing how you deliver infrastructure services to support business operations helps you become a more efficient IT department. This frees up vital resource to continually drive value to your business, which is critical in a more competitive world, where threats can come from any direction.

Transforming IT service management to benefit from the cloud gives strength to your investments by allowing you to rethink your value chain. The features and services available to the cloud give rise to an extensive menu of capabilities you can quickly exploit. Controlling the cost of the modern datacentre is a vital contributor to becoming a more agile, flexible organisation, powering other transformation initiatives to deliver value early.

Increase Productivity

Benefits in employee productivity come from connecting people across the organisation, with suppliers, partners, and other external agencies. Investing in platforms that integrate different solutions into one, enhances the workplace and drives efficiencies. risual’s Modern Workplace approach engages across your business, delivering the ability to inspire and retain staff through modern productivity services.

The modern workplace is made possible through modification of your organisations culture, changing the mindset of employees, and unlocking the talent that exists within them. Through risual’s Modern Workplace approach, we not only deliver the technology to support your transformation, but work across your business and its people, motivating the workforce with the desire to change, ensuring all levels have the knowledge and tools required to adapt and thrive.

Modern Workplace

The modern workplace should be considered a strategically important initiative that changes the way people work, providing seamless collaboration in a secure way. The extensive security features of the cloud allow employees to benefit from increased mobility and thus flexibility, to maintain their productivity without impacting on information security. The global cyber security threat requires a globally coordinated response. The modern workplace, built on the Microsoft 365 licensing suite and delivered by risual, a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, answers this threat.

With risual’s cloud transformation services, we fully understand that unlike technology, people have less capacity for change. Whether we are helping you to transform your datacentre or delivering the modern workplace, we will support your people, helping them reduce workloads, allowing space for personal development that can contribute to greater levels of employee productivity and satisfaction.