Central Government

Supporting Central Government organisations to thrive through digital transformation.


Helping Central Government to build better services

Build back better and unleashing the potential of our great country are the themes in which Central Government is adopting and imploring others across the civil service to follow suit.

Since inception risual have had a strategic relationship with Central Government organisations. Providing advice and guidance on digital transformation strategies to support their missions and goals. We are proud to work with innovative bodies who want to improve the quality of life for those living and working in the UK.

Improving Use of data

The government has shown its intent on building better public services through a variety of means. risual work alongside Central Government organisations to transform the way they engage, share and read data, providing critical links between Government departments and creating tangible call to actions for local government.

Understanding your challenges

We understand the challenges faced by many Central Government organisations, including, security, access to data and remote working. risual has 16 years experience of supporting organisations through these challenges and improving innovation.

Reducing threats

The UK has been at the receiving end of the some of the biggest cyber-attacks in recent times. It is critical to protect public data and citizen information through secure and intuitive platforms.

Microsoft’s Central Government Commitments

With a strategic relationship into Central Government and dedicated sector focussed teams, Microsoft have unique programmes available to those organisations to maximise digital transformation. All programmes are based on eligibility.

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Microsoft has numerous licensing options for government organisations. risual can provide and support your use of these Cloud services via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. Helping you learn how these free and discounted services can improve your constituent management, and program outcomes.

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Cloud Accelerators

The Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program allows your organisation to accelerate it’s cloud journey. Realise your opportunities and possibilities through funded workshops covering number of different workloads, providing you with a clear cloud roadmap.

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