Digital Transformation

Re-imagine what’s possible and develop digitally engaging, user-centric, and socially impactful digital transformation solutions that solve your most complex challenges. 


Unleash the power of innovation

The time is now to envision how your organisation can transform to meet the changing needs of your customers, citizens and communities. Many organisations need to realise the value of user-driven digital transformation solutions and re-imagine the services they deliver to customers, re-assessing how they meet user needs. Our experts help you develop software and services that are integrated across channels to provide a unified and seamless experience. Accessible to everyone, with an agile approach that focuses on customer experience and delivering value early. We empower organisations to provide joined-up, efficient services, reducing costs and increasing customer and staff satisfaction.

Digital and Application Innovation

We bring innovation and purpose-driven modernisation to your apps and services with modern software engineering practices. We help modernise existing apps, or build next-gen apps that embrace security and interoperability to future proof your apps and services. We help you identify opportunities that create value for you and your customers, and empower your organisation through coaching, mentoring and training to empower you to rapidly develop, iterate and operate digital products.

Digital Service Design

We reimagine the future of public services, providing an end-to-end, holistic review of service(s) provided by public sector organisations to their customers, supporting them to address the challenges and changing demands presented by a digital world. Delivered in collaboration, we follows user-centric principles, to drive out failure demand, eliminate waste, and identify opportunities for cloud and digital technologies, that will reimagine the delivery of public services.

Transforming the customer experience is the foundation of our approach and key to what risual do so well.

Digital Transformation Strategy

We help organisations develop their digital vision, supporting sustainable outcomes by understanding how digital platforms and cloud technology can drive positive, collaborative experiences for customers and citizens. Aligning business strategy with digital capabilities and service design, working with you to co-create value through a comprehensive digital strategy and roadmap.

Application Modernisation

We help organisations transform legacy business and mission critical applications with modern, cloud-based technology services. We examine current application capabilities and use cases, then work collaboratively to re-envision the service using PaaS/SaaS capabilities to drive down operational costs, increase resiliency and scalability, and future-proof business services.

User Research and Discovery

Delivered by qualified and experienced user researchers, this service is a fundamental aspect of Agile delivery, providing high quality user research to produce valid and reliable insights about how well a service is likely to meet user needs, which includes attending and passing Government Digital Service assessments.

Accessibility Assessment

This service helps organisations to develop fully complaint and accessible digital products and services. Underpinned by WCAG 2.1 Accessibility standards and GDS, the service ensures your public facing services are inclusive to assisted digital and impaired users, remaining compliant with government policy.

Microservices Architecture and Delivery

Modernise legacy application estates, by unpicking application services and rebuilding them within a microservices architectural style. Transformed services are designed and built around a business capability, with individually deployable components, allowing for more granular release planning, delivering flexibility in data storage technologies and programming language.


DevOps-as-a-Service provides organisations with highly skilled resources to augment existing capabilities, accelerating high quality solutions and services through ideation and development into production, in a secure and controlled manner. Deliver efficient operations, be leaner, more agile, and faster to market. Reduce the delivery cycle and increase agility.

GDS service delivery

We cover the entire GDS lifecycle from Discovery to Live and have the experience to guide you through successful GDS assessments.


As the first step in defining a digital product or service, our approach will uncover and look to fully understand you and the needs of your users, helping you to understand how digital technologies can address those needs.


Alpha phase development is underpinned by our DevOps methodology, it seeks to design and develop your service/product, ensuring it satisfies business and user needs, and is technically feasible.


Beta phase development, underpinned by our DevOps methodology develops a minimum viable product (MVP) through incremental development and testing both technically and with users in private and public Beta.


Live focuses on support and continual improvement and development (CI/CD) of the service. Providing proactive optimisation and improvement, measuring performance against KPIs and constant feedback loops.

How we unleash the power of innovation


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