risual engaged with a UK fire and rescue company who were having issues with their Active Directory (AD). The client had removed some of the AD servers and was having problems with group policies. There were several underlying issues with the AD and how group policies were set. The client needed a high-level overview of their AD with remediation work that could be put in place as a solution to their issues.

Risual went in and conducted an AD Health Check. Upon running some of the AD diagnostic tools, risual found that there weren’t any replication or unexpected errors.

However, there were still remnants of the old errors that were showing in the depths of their AD. Recommendations were made to enable the AD recycle bin and migrate the Sysyol share to use DFSR as soon as possible.

Risual got to the bottom of some of the slow application problems and advised that business changes needed to be made. A list of remediation work was given to the client to advise on how to get the AD up and running again.

The key motivations for the work were that their Active Directory was down, and it was affecting the way the organisation was running. The work was a high priority and it was business-critical that an AD health check was conducted as soon as possible. risual were able to start the work within a week of receiving the client’s PO.

The outcome saw the fire and rescue organisation able to get their AD under control with useful remediation ideas which inevitably improved their existing AD.

The client was very happy with the speed of response from risual and the work that was carried out and off the back of this, have engaged with risual on other projects.

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