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We provide industry-leading Data & AI services, from big data and analytics to the latest in data science, IoT & Digital Twins. Our Data & AI services help organisations gain control and generate actionable insights that drive faster innovation. Our services help you make better data-driven decisions, build operational and artificial intelligence, and accelerate the move to cloud and digital technologies.

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Data & AI Strategy

Delivers a data strategy, aligned to business strategy, aiming to maximise the value an organisation can gain from its data assets. Defines a transformative program, technology platform, organisational change, and indicative costs for delivery. Identifies key datasets and how data is persisted to promote data democracy and drive self-service.

Data Maturity Assessment

This service helps you understand what changes are needed to mature your data management services towards an optimised state. Combining technology assessments against Microsoft’s data maturity model, with a business evaluation in line with CMMI, the service delivers a comprehensive assessment of your data maturity level and recommendations for success.

Data Analytics-in-a-day

A tailored, interactive, one day, technology-focused workshop that considers the art of the possible and architectural options for a data analytics platform based on Microsoft technologies. Delivers the latest thinking across data engineering, data science, business intelligence and AI. Leaves participants with an understanding around how the organisation can better harness data and how they can do this with Microsoft tools and technologies.

Microsoft Data Platform

This service provides a complete set of designs, implementation and testing to help clients realise benefits and drive value by gaining greater insights into data assets. From data acquisition through to visualisation, the service offers a comprehensive transformation programme to modernise and enhance your data analytics capabilities, using Microsoft Technologies.

Managed Data Platform

A comprehensive 24x7x365 managed service, supporting all elements of the Microsoft Data Platform. The service is collaborative, providing support for your Data Platform and the ongoing enhancement to ensure you maximise the latest and greatest capabilities available within Microsoft’s growing data ecosystem.

Power BI Centre of Excellence

Design and deliver powerful insight into your data through Microsoft Power BI and build a lasting capability for your business. This service helps organisations design and implement sustainable enterprise business intelligence, including considerations for training and appropriate licensing models that align to your vision and governance metrics for Power BI, along with the configuration of comprehensive dashboards and reports.

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