Investing in data will help accelerate business growth and increase profitability

Data continues to grow and will continue to play a crucial part in every business. Here’s four reasons you should be thinking about data in 2023 – according to trusted sources such as Gartner and Forbes.

  • Those that are investing in the latest data and analytics trends that are most relevant to their own business can help meet the CEO’s priorities of returning to accelerating growth and increasing profitability.
  • By 2023, more than one-third of large businesses will have analysts practicing decision intelligence and decision modelling.
  • Although working with real-time data can often require more sophisticated data and analytics structure, the benefits and value added are priceless and will allow for immediate and effective decision-making backed up by accurate and relevant data.
  • By 2025, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) who establish value-stream-based collaboration will significantly outperform their competitors in driving cross-functional collaboration and value creation.

Building a reliable data solution to support over 28 million rows of data

risual has been working with a professional services business who deliver office space utilisation consultancy building a strong partnership over the past two years to help accelerate its transformation journey. The previous projects that have been completed has always had the professional services’ clients at heart – ensuring every transformation will further help the business to deliver great value to its client base.

The client’s solution currently generates over 28 million rows of data, which is across only a handful of clients. This is a significant amount of data, which will continue to grow that needs to be handled with care and secured.

With the knowledge base and expertise spanning across both risual Managed IT Services, DevOps and Consultancy Teams, risual was able to design a solution which would better support the businesses inputted data, data management, governance, and security. The team worked through the current deficiencies in the ingestion solution, made improvements and future recommendations around SQL and the existing app.

With those changes and improvements in place, risual continued to develop a test plan and perform end-to-end testing, The Professional Services business was ecstatic with the created solution and results.

Data ingestion time saving from 2 hours to 2 minutes

Since the SQL and Data solution has been implemented the Professional Services business is now benefitting from:

  • 4-fold increase in ingestion capacity
  • Reduced the ingestion time into SQL for 60 million rows from 2 hours to 2 minutes and 50 seconds
  • Cost saving of 9% or £158 per month
  • Now have opportunities to transform and modernise further

With the success of the project, the client is already in the process of working with the risual team to scope out the next project which will focus on Microsoft’s Big Data solution and risual Managed IT Services.

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