A large multinational offering carbon solution product across the world recently implemented Power BI to gather more detailed insights that could support decision making. This flexible tool can offer information on every department within an organisation from a live dashboard. 

Employees can access information securely from any device connected to the orgnaisation’s cloud. Users of Power BI can have access to personalised insights from their organisation through interactive and live data. The issue occurred with the level of training required to understand and make the most of the technology.  The training would enable the organisation to create further features such as expanding the number of data sources used for analysis.  

risual built tailored and specific training to the client, in a short turnaround to support the project completion sooner rather than later.  The training included,  setting up a connection from specific data sources and connecting it to the NetSuite platform. Merging Power BI and NetSuite enabled the firm to understand the performance of its business better and drive major efficiency gains with more accurate data. This operation is on-going due to high standard requirements from the client, but meaningful results around data analysis have been achieved already. 


  • The firm is developing a modern workplace for employees to increase productivity. 
  • On-going support is provided by risual to understand the new solution and all the distinctive features it hosts.  
  • Detailed insights will be integrated into the decision making of the business and offer valuable information for the strategy of the business. 
  • The security structure of the business is also improved with modern features of optimisation connected to the cloud.  
  • The operation was done remotely, avoiding any long journeys, and reducing the environmental impact.  

The client can activate the use of Power BI technology with its members of staff and increase efficiency within the organisation. Employees are learning new skills with on-going training, and they are gathering new insights from the innovative technology. The firm is in the process of monitoring further requirements they might need to incorporate in the future. Risual’s services will no doubt be requested again when the client decides to activate further operations around the modern workplace. 

We want to focus on client satisfaction with each of our operations. For this reason, we use an NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating system to measure our performance. Our current score is over 74, positioning us over industry average (60). 

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