An NHS Foundation Trust, providing mental health and community services, required training on the content to include with the Microsoft Teams services for its staff. The organisation offers a range of services and needed this technology to improve communication and staff productivity. 

Microsoft Teams

The organisation required Microsoft Teams training from certified experts to develop a better understanding of how to operate within the business using this technology. 

Our expert planned consistent meetings with the organisation throughout the process to understand all the requirements involved for the training. The Teams accounts used as training tools were tested and reviewed with Microsoft technology to ensure the training sessions were effective for the staff. The accounts were used by staff in real time to make sure they were learning well and engaging with the new technology. Regular updates were scheduled between our experts and the Foundation’s management division to explain how the sessions were going and about the progress made. 

The staff of the organisation has a very good understanding of Team’s functions and can apply the knowledge in their daily workloads. Communication has increased with the integration of user-friendly features in Teams. Employees seem to be more confident about using the new services and can benefit from risual’s support when required. The satisfaction rate has increased with positive feedback from over one hundred employees who took part in the training sessions.  

Following this successful implementation, risual’s experts are creating more bespoke training sessions to match specific client requirements. The organisation can pursue further improvements when required with the support of our services. 

risual and the client have worked together over the past year on various training projects, and we were able to collect NPS (net promoter score) feedback on our services consistently. The client’s rated our latest services 10/10.  

“They’ve been knowledgeable and very helpful throughout our time working together.  

Jonathan, Jamal and Daniel have been great to work with as well, easy to get along with.” 

At risual, we really value our clients’ opinions, so we can ensure a high level of service. Our current NPS score is 76, which is significantly higher than the industry average (60) 

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