risual and Kemp work together to optimise application cloud migration

If you’re reading this, I’m sure like many businesses across the UK you are contemplating the costs of migrating from on-prem infrastructure to the cloud, but have you considered the costs associated with migrating your applications and keeping these applications always-on?

To give you some insight into the potential costs, Kemp – the leaders in powering multi-cloud application experience (AX) and a valued partner of risual, recently released a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator, an educational tool which enables businesses to gain visibility into the overarching costs associated with cloud migration and application delivery.

Alongside this, risual can help your business analyse its current application estate with current state to future state architecture, providing a detailed umbrella view of your architecture. The cloud application analysis is a short engagement where a risual Business Analyst is deployed into the organisation and tasked with uncovering all applications used by the organisation, where they are hosted and recommending how and when to migrate them to the cloud.

Kemp has been making a strong push recently to offer businesses an alternative to the traditional licensing model where a customer must pay a license fee per load balancing appliance and must predict future throughput, which in multiple scenarios can be hard to estimate.

The alternative that Kemp offers is called metered licensing, a per app load balancing deployment model which benefits businesses by enabling them to provision any number of Kemp load balancers as needed with unlimited throughput while only paying for the aggregate consumption across instances. This reduces the total cost of ownership for load balancing, especially in multi-cloud environments.

The TCO calculator shows customers the difference in costs between metered, perpetual, and competitive licensing options. Users can assess the number and capacity range of load balancers needed to support their application infrastructure, providing them with insight on estimated TCO and whether metered licensing would be a good fit for their specific environment.

The calculator provides application delivery TCO insight based on three common application usage patterns:

  • Peak Usage: This scenario reflects the traffic profile of organisations that have busy periods such as a holiday season, sale or student registration where traffic levels are significantly above normal. Metering of traffic is ideal for this scenario as it avoids the over-provisioning cost associated with perpetual licenses.
  • Steady Growth: For scenarios where traffic increases lineally over time, this model sizes requirements based on the growth rate entered and the capacity required in month 36 of the three-year model. The model assumes that growth will be steady and not follow a ‘hockey stick’ type pattern.
  • On Demand: With this on-off scenario, the calculator models usage based on a requirement to go from zero to the capacity defined. The model uses the on-demand peak provided and the frequency to calculate usage.

To calculate your costs, try the TCO calculator here – https://kemptechnologies.com/total-cost-ownership/overview/


Experts in transformation, risual can help your business transform its services and environment to become a much more agile focussed organisation, by adopting new technologies and tools to create a more digital environment. risual strive on being the difference and enabling organisations to drive further and continues value and success.

According to a 2017 IDC study, 40% of European IT Projects will create new digital services and revenue streams that capitalise on existing data. Many non-IT based industries are beginning to unlock these new huge revenue streams from innovative digital services, often these new services are entirely different to the established business model and can transform a company’s fortunes.

Bain Experience estimated in a report that approximately 50% of executive investment is now focused on using IT to build new business capabilities, the 50% who are failing to invest in innovation will quickly be outmatched in the services they offer customers, and quickly lose market share.

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