Use technology as the catalyst to transform your workplace

This year we will not only be discussing digital transformation, but will also be focussing on how you can use technology as the catalyst to transform your workplace into a more productive, collaborative, and positive environment.

risual offer consulting across Business Advisory Services, Technical Deployment and digital skills all supported by Managed Services to improve the way a company uses technology in their everyday working lives. Through a mixture of Office 365, Teams, Skype, Business Processes, Azure, Training, Product and more we can totally change how a company works and allows its employees to feel empowered.

We’ve been doing Modern Workplace projects for over a decade. From Essex County Council, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, Mott Macdonald and more we have deployed business changing modern workplace transformations. We have the breadth of capabilities to really make an impactful change, we will design the business requirements, build the plan, deploy the technology, train the users, measure adoption, support the solution and optimize it over time.

You would be hard pressed to find someone who has never worked within the Microsoft Office suite, the core applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and others are ubiquitous in business and education across the world. However, finding organisations that branch outside of these applications, and use the core apps to their full potential are a lot more difficult to find – this comes down to a lack of parity between versions of office at home and at work, and a lack of education in the new features and capabilities of Office.

Office 365 has been the preferred solution for SME’s and Enterprise businesses for a number of years due to the solution being evergreen and no need to stick to a bi-yearly release cycle. There are a host of new applications, security features and capabilities now in Office 365. This means a commitment to Office 365 is a commitment to the most comprehensive, most secure cloud productivity and communication solution available today, and into the foreseeable future. Take a look at our Modern Workplace page on our website to find out how you can build a platform for change.

“Productivity is the engine of human progress—it is what propels our society forward. The promise of technology is to help us get more done, with less effort.”

  • Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Fact: Providing employees with modern tools and flexibility results in higher engagement and productivity

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