Modern Workplace

Use technology as the catalyst to transform your workplace into a more productive, collaborative and positive environment

A platform for change

A Microsoft ‘modern workplace’ project will undoubtedly include Office 365 as a cornerstone of the transformation, and while your organisation may already use Office 365, it is not until Office 365 is viewed as the catalyst for a change in culture to better ways of working that its real value becomes apparent. A trusted partner such as risual can work with your end users, senior business decision makers and internal technical staff to build a picture of how technology can help every job role in your organisation get more from their day. An integrated approach, taking multiple technologies and services available through Office 365 into account, with a security-first mindset will ensure you have the right training, devices and policies in place, to be sure users adopt and use all the features your organisation’s investment in technology.

Experts always on hand

As Office 365 and other technologies involved in a modern workplace are always evolving, so to must the capabilities to support and maintain the solution to ensure all users are getting the most from the technology. risual can help you plan for the future of your solution as we provide dedicated, expert managed services to help deploy, optimise and fix your modern workplace set up. With a broad portfolio of services to add value, from security services to fully managed Office 365 deployments, our managed service is scalable to suit your needs, with a direct line to Microsoft when required.

The Office you know, like never before

You would be hard pressed to find someone who has never worked within the Microsoft Office suite, the core applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and others are ubiquitous in business and education across the world. However, finding organisations that branch outside of these applications, and use the core apps to their full potential are a lot more difficult to find – this comes down to a lack of parity between versions of office at home and at work, and a lack of education in the new features and capabilities of Office.

Office 365 has been the preferred solution for SME’s and Enterprise businesses for a number of years due to the solution being evergreen and no need to stick to a bi-yearly release cycle. There are a host of new applications, security features and capabilities now in Office 365. This means a commitment to Office 365 is a commitment to the most comprehensive, most secure cloud productivity and communication solution available today, and into the foreseeable future.

Custom Training Packages

Any technology project is only as successful as its adoption rate. If your end users do not have the skills to make the most of the technology you provide, the overall business will not see the value of the solution. Thanks to our in-house education and training offerings, risual can ensure that any transformational IT project is a long-term success by training your staff to get the most from the technology you deploy. By tailoring our course content, and building it into the project plan from the start, we can ensure users are ready to get the most from your IT as soon as the changes go live.

It’s all about the users

When deployed correctly, Office 365 empowers all users in an organisation to work intuitively and seamlessly across any device using applications they are familiar with. risual work with customers to help them use Office 365 as the catalyst to better ways of working with empowered, happier employees. To do this, risual focus on removing the ‘one size fits all’ approach to users, our Business Analysis and Education department ensure that the solution is designed from an end-user perspective first, with training provided to ensure your users become technology champions who are keen to adopt change.

Ensure adoption and engagement

Understanding how the applicable technology options could be delivered to the different groups of users within an organisation is key. risual can advise on what features of Office 365 your organisation is consuming, and how you can get more from your licenses through technologies like Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Flow and more. With a wide breadth of expertise in across all Microsoft technology ensures that risual can act as a single partner to deliver the Office 365 solution that is built to your business needs.

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