It’s very easy to underestimate the benefits of a good customer experience – although you should never take it for granted. You could list over one hundred benefits that could come from providing a good customer service, which prompts the questions, why aren’t companies doing more for their customers? Well, with the technology available at our fingertips these days, there isn’t many excuses for not taking advantage of the applications and programs on today’s market, that when used well provide the furnishing for inherently positive customer satisfaction.

I don’t think it will come as too much of a shock to everyone to state that a good customer experience can drive sales within the business. You’ve got to look at it from both sides of the coin (so to speak), would you continue to shop or purchase services from persons who provided a consistently rude and unhelpful buying experience? Of course, you wouldn’t, you would go straight to their competitors who provide the same goods/services without the hassle and rudeness.

Which brings us nicely onto building a stronger relationship, which in turn, will lead to fostering repeat customers and loyalty. Anyone involved in retail will be the first to preach the benefits of having customers build a relationship with the brand. When the brand/company understands their customer and is able to tailor relevant products for them, ultimately, it’s going to lead to a better relationship between the two. This is something that will keep customers coming back for more. In fact, Adobe published figures in 2015 estimating that a whopping 40% of a company’s revenue comes from returning or repeat purchasers.

Why is why company/brand/product/service and just about every other variable in trade are so reliant on customer advocacy. And customer advocacy can be anything from informing a friend to writing a blog or even creating a form of loyalty with the customer. No if’s no but’s, a positive customer experience will result in the customer having an increased bond with a business. It’s all part of the buying cycle. More or less every buyer behavior model you ever look at will showcase the benefits of customers building trust and comfort with their respective counterpart.

The most shocking part about this? That not everyone is taking advantage and utilizing the resources available to them. The potential windfall outweighs the costs of installing such applications. It can apply to organisations within every industry also, even in the public sector, be it blue light services or central government.


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