Modern Workplace as a Service

With the current global state that we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, it is very clear to see which organisations have adopted and operate in a modern workplace and those that don’t. Of course, by modern workplace I am not referring to brand new monitors and quirky furniture. Instead I am referring to a workplace that allows employees to continue working when disaster strikes, a workplace that allows employees to work from any location, and a workplace that is designed with people in mind to help realise their full potential. risual’s Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS) offering has been designed to help clients achieve this type of workplace as many organisations are realising the endless benefits that can be achieved by transforming their workplace.

A starting point for many of risual’s offerings is implementing and utilising Microsoft tools. MWaaS is no different as Microsoft 365 acts as a cornerstone for transformation in the workplace. Although Microsoft 365 is already being utilised by many organisations around the world, this does not mean that its full value is being received. It is not until Microsoft 365 is seen as a catalyst for change in workplace culture that its true value becomes apparent. This is why risual’s MWaaS offering covers all aspects of the technology, from service plans, to end user adoption. This service will create a new online workplace that can be accessed from anywhere at any time and allow continuous, efficient work throughout your entire company.

Due to the ever-evolving nature of Microsoft 365, it is important to always have the latest updates for the technology you are using to ensure it runs at an optimal rate. The same must be said for your maintenance and support capabilities for the technology that you adopt. How risual can help is by helping to plan for the future of your solutions with an expert managed services team who can deploy, optimise, maintain, and fix your modern workplace. With full scalability to your needs, risual’s Managed Services can take care of your modern workplace behind the scenes, whilst you continue to get the most value out of the technology at hand.

It is not exaggerated when saying that the opportunities for growth and transformation are endless when adopting a modern workplace. You will achieve efficiencies and end-user satisfaction like never before and no situation or problem will ever be able to slow you down.

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