Every day I hear Boris Johnson citing “thanks to the wizardry of modern technology” the government, the NHS and all our other incredible organisations serving the public is leading a joined up, coordinated and robust response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Being part of that supply chain, I am delighted risual as a tech supplier is playing its part in helping assess, implement and support with some of that wizardry.

Last week I made the point risual was determined to stand shoulder to shoulder with those working around the clock to look after us. I reiterated our determination to support those striving to keep operating as best as possible so that our economy can bounce back as fast as possible. And that is exactly what we have been doing.

risual is providing out of hours support to a police force which has over 5000 members of staff which is assisting keep more bobbies on the beat and is allowing some staff to be repurposed elsewhere during this pandemic; we have assisted one of the largest councils in the country go from having over 3000 people on-site on any given day to 98.6% of its workforce able to work from home or now more importantly able to provide more care in the community to most vulnerable residents of society; we are keeping our clients data safe and proactively preventing cyber-attacks which could cause significant reputational damage which clients can ill-afford at this moment in time with our national and global economies so vulnerable; and finally we are leveraging modern day technology to provide additional call centre capacity to cope with the unprecedented demand and helping them make informed decisions to allocate resources in a fast and effective manner to get to those in greatest need.

Internally we have been working around the clock to ensure people know they can rely upon our expertise at any hour. risual is determined to play its part so that all workers and volunteers can do their jobs to the best of their abilities without being shackled and let down by poor technology and bad advice.

I am incredibly proud of the small part we are playing today for people up and down this country already. 

Over the coming weeks and months, we will all be tested further both professionally and personally.  Our way of life is evolving daily, but we are all in this together. risual with its 15+ years of experience, with its rich experience from hundreds and thousands of engagements up and down this great land we will continue to serve and be ready to assist when called upon.

See you all tonight for Clap for our Carers!

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