The client was struggling to get an understanding of their SharePoint environment due to years of customisation and development by different teams and end-users that have now left or moved on from the organisation. The SharePoint team was spending too much time firefighting issues on the environment as a pose to helping users to get the most out of it. The mission was to provide a review and recommendations on how they could improve and better the health of the environment with a view to off-load the day to day support of the solution to risual.

risual engaged with the client and chose to utilise the SharePoint solution. risual deployed SME to gain an understanding of the client environment and raise any concerns before transitioning into a support agreement. This was done to free up time on the client’s side to drive better productivity.

The client understood risual’s expertise in the business transformation portfolio and wanted our advice on the O365 portfolio. This advice helped them to drive productivity efficiencies and repurpose internal resources to work on more innovative and strategic projects.

Now that SharePoint is fully utilised and valued within the business, risual have created a trusted and reliable partnership with the client and have been appointed as their number one support supplier. The client’s internal teams have been able to refocus their energy on more business-critical projects as risual are constantly ensuring the services are running at optimal form. The client has also benefited from risual’s ‘Trusted Advisor’ role, as we have been helping them to share requirements for the move to O365 and more specifically, SharePoint Online.

At face value, the project seems very tactical and workload oriented, which to some extent is true – however, the real value and benefit for the client has been in risual’s knowledge and insight of the wider O365 stack and technologies that sit in and around SharePoint. By sharing this knowledge, risual have been able to drive better usage and value from the SharePoint environment as a pose to just being a break-fix support team.

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