This case involves a fire and rescue service within the UK public sector. The organisation sought consultancy services to design and implement SharePoint Online, migrate from their existing SharePoint Online 2016 on-premise environment, and accelerate the rollout of Microsoft Teams sites. Additionally, the organisation had over 60 forms, including a complex legacy system, which required attention and migration. 

Situation: The fire and rescue service recognised the need to modernise their SharePoint environment and streamline their operations by transitioning from their on-premise SharePoint system. They also wanted to expedite the adoption of Microsoft Teams sites. Furthermore, the organisation had numerous forms, including a complex legacy system, which required attention and migration. 

Solution: To address the organisation’s needs, risual provided a comprehensive solution, including consultancy, training, and application development: 

  • SharePoint Online Implementation: risual designed and implemented SharePoint Online for the fire and rescue service, ensuring a smooth transition from their existing SharePoint Online 2016 on-premise environment. This allowed the organisation to take advantage of the latest features and improvements provided by Microsoft’s cloud-based platform. 
  • Microsoft Teams Site Rollout: The consultancy services also focused on accelerating the adoption of Microsoft Teams sites. By leveraging the capabilities of Teams, the organisation could enhance collaboration, communication, and information sharing among employees. 
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer: risual delivered training sessions over a two-week period, providing the necessary knowledge and skills to the organisation’s internal teams. During these training sessions, risual also built a new expense app, demonstrating the capabilities of the Power Platform. 

Impact: The engagement with risual resulted in several impactful outcomes for the fire and rescue service: 

  1. Legacy System Replacement: By moving away from a legacy system to manage employee expenses, the organisation achieved a modern and efficient expense management solution. This transition not only streamlined processes but also eliminated the limitations and challenges associated with the outdated legacy system. 
  1. Enhanced Skills and Confidence: Through the training sessions and hands-on experience with building forms and workflows using the Power Platform, the organisation’s internal teams gained the necessary skills and confidence to develop applications and migrate content. This empowered them to proceed with the migration process and transition from legacy systems to Microsoft 365. 
  1. Positive Feedback: The SharePoint manager at the fire and rescue service expressed satisfaction with risual’s consultancy services, praising the consultant for understanding their requirements and offering innovative solutions. Effective communication throughout the engagement ensured a successful outcome. 

In summary, risual’s consultancy services and training played a crucial role in helping the fire and rescue service implement SharePoint Online, accelerate Microsoft Teams site adoption, and address their legacy system challenges. The organisation successfully migrated to a modern expense management solution, equipped their internal teams with essential skills, and gained confidence in leveraging the Power Platform for future development. The positive feedback received indicates the consultant’s strong understanding of requirements and effective communication throughout the engagement. 

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