The client is a powerful learning and talent network in the UK, primarily recruiting apprentices for digital and tech apprenticeship programs. New data has shown that there has been an increase in the opportunities for apprenticeship employment and has topped the levels that were seen prior to the pandemic. This has led to apprenticeship providers and partners rethinking the strategies used to interact and hire these individuals.  

The client wanted to provide a connected and collaborative service for use by all employees, for dealing with such information as customer information, order details, complaints, general enquiries and more. The main driver of this requirement was to provide visibility of communication with the customer, leading to increased agent productivity, customer acquisition and an improved & personalised customer experience.  

low code vs no code application development

The client approached us with the specified issue, and we recommended implementing a case management software system, which enabled multichannel interaction between employees and customers, intelligent self-service, safeguarded customer interactions and a simplified IT environment. The chosen product was Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which was implemented alongside Dynamics 365 Sales, to ensure a seamless and connected service between customer service and sales teams.  

To implement this, risual were able to perform demonstrations and analysis to understand which areas needed to be developed. As a result of this, we were able to plan the whole project using successfully proven frameworks, and then build the primary functionality.  

Benefits of using the case management system: 

✅Increase agent efficiency with real time intelligence, recommendations and analysis. 

✅Increased and improved team collaboration across the organisation. 

✅Provides a detailed customer view, with a detailed overview of their journey.  

✅Provides a knowledge hub, where employees can access articles, to aid with customer queries, and courses for on-the-job training.  

The next step that the client are considering is the deployment of Dynamics 365 Omnichannel. To enable further channels to be added onto their platform, such as WhatsApp, and Virtual Agents (ie. Bots).  

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