risual modernises clients SharePoint to kick start their business transformation journey.

risual engaged with an independent appeals body for citizens to use when challenging decisions created pressure. The independent appeals body worked with the courts or local councils in matters of council tax or business rates, they were primarily an older workforce and the IT team were reluctant to introduce new technology for fear of rejection or failure.

The company’s IT systems were legacy and clunky, and their internal systems were also slow and lengthy. When it came to collating information, it was stored in multiple locations both digital and paper-based which meant when finding particular information, it was a long process.

The IT team had built a simple SharePoint document management solution on-premise that was unstable, but they could see how this platform could prove itself to start their transformation.

The risual rMS Team on the support of the on-premise SharePoint platform while the rCS Productivity team started designing a plan to migrate it to SharePoint Online. The solution was initially created to support the management of documents for sensitive data, however, the Productivity team also developed this further to include specific customisation for the company.

Process automation was added using Microsoft Exchange Online, Flow and Azure Automation to reduce the effort for internal staff to create files. An external portal was added for the members, who are non-employees, to be able to access, edit and download (if necessary) sensitive files.

The company also used SharePoint portal service to share documentation between themselves and their partners regarding sensitive data.

As part of the company’s corporate plan for 2018/19, one of their priorities was to “Successfully complete our programme of IT changes for the Check, Challenge and Appeal process for the benefit of internal and external users that will allow us to successfully implement this new change when appeal volumes increase” and what they would do to achieve this priority was stated as “Build on our new appeal management database to develop direct portal access to our users to provide “drop-in” facilities when instigating an appeal. Develop and reviewing accounting and operational processes connected with the appeal feeds rating list. Implement paperless documentation. Introduce and encourage the use of tablets out of the office and move away from paper wherever possible.”

The Office 365 Platform is now stable and our rMS team is managing this in addition to the company’s Dynamics 365 Platform, the users have a much-improved experience. Members of the organisation have been provided with tablet devices and are actively using them within the portal to collaborate on documents.

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