The client was facing a problem whilst migrating to the cloud and O365. They identified that they didn’t have the skills needed to maintain the new environment. As their organisation sits online and must be readily available, it was important that they remained secure and had trusted advisors to reach out to. As a ‘digital’ organisation, they needed to make sure their services were online 100% of the time, with great disaster recovery being a main factor, and the growing need to remove people from the office – to promote home working – resulting in a cost reduction of expenses, etc.

After contacting risual, the client is now looked after via a Managed Service which helps to manage their O365 environment. As organisation advisors, making recommendations on how to get the most from an O365 investment is part of the job and it is also important to highlight the tools that a client may not be using. Alongside this risual looks after the client’s Azure Tennant – making sure that all is ticking along as it should be and the client’s environment is being optimised to fit their budget and expected performance. This helps the client strive for continual improvement, as they optimise service usage, and see a change in their monthly bills – resulting in a greater budget for other organisation activities.

The client saw a great impact, instead of having a lack of skills to manage the new technology, they now have a team of full-fledged Managed Service experts ready to provide support. This created certainty in the new tech, and the ability for IT to drive the organisation forward.

Risual is working in the ‘Trusted Advisor’ role to help support the client with O365 and use it to the best of their abilities, helping the client to gain the most from their Microsoft investments.

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