risual aids client in safe and seamless migration of their internal infrastructure to Azure.

risual engaged with a Crown non-departmental public body of the Government in the UK after they had internally identified a requirement to migrate their existing infrastructure services to Microsoft Azure.

In seeking a partner to assist them with this project, the company identified several core objectives which must be met to drive the successful delivery of the project, namely:

  • Deliver a low-risk approach to the transition of services from their on-premises datacentre environment to Microsoft Azure.
  • Deliver a service that allows the client to understand any interdependencies between their systems.
  • To deliver an efficient migration, based on the service that is currently provided across both datacentres.
  • Configure the Azure service such that servers can be provisioned into logical groups to allow the client to understand the cost of service and improve service monitoring.
  • To provide advice and guidance in relation to re-platforming services with PaaS for existing services, to reduce administrative overheads.
  • To ensure that where practical, services can be automatically shut down to reduce consumer spending, along with automatic restarts and to introduce a governance structure for Development and Test servers to ensure consumption costs are relative to service development and testing.
  • To uplift the skills of the client’s technical support teams with comprehensive knowledge transfer to support the Azure environment.
  • To provide advice and guidance on connectivity options available to the client, linking to their MPLS network.
  • To provide governance and housekeeping best practice advice, to ensure the Azure environment remains optimal throughout their service subscription.

The Crown non-departmental public body worked with risual as their partner of choice.

risual delivered a cloud design, focusing on the Microsoft Azure platform to effectively lift and shift all their on-premise services to Microsoft Azure. Included in the design, were recommendations around connectivity to Azure, with options presented for ExpressRoute and Site to Site VPN and native internet connectivity. It was key within the partnership that the migration of services to Azure was a priority, providing a safe and seamless transition of servers to Azure in line with the client’s organisation priorities.

risual formulated this plan by conducting a Cloud Application Analysis, identifying which services could simply migrate and which could be transformed, either through office 365 or other cloud-based SaaS services.

The client promotes good practice by offering tailored training base don their respective published guidance, providing online training services through their Portal in addition to providing other tools for organisations to diagnose themselves. They now have a clear strategy for delivering their services from 2016-2021, reflecting their core strengths and ambitions for the future.

The client was impacted around three main strategic pillars:

  • Driving sustained organisation effectiveness and productivity, improving the quality of working life across the economy through practical advice and expert support.
  • Shaping an informing policy thinking and practice on employment issues with contributing to fair, effective and efficient working relationships.
  • Assisting organisations and individuals to manage conflict and resolve disputes at work.

When setting out these aims, the client recognised that much can change of the course of the five years and therefore, will monitor developments carefully to ensure that their aims continue to reflect the trends and developments that shape the environment in which they operate; with risual on hand to help at any point during their transformation journey.

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