Unveiling Success: Revolutionising Customer Engagements in the Travel and Transportation Industry with the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution.


A global logistics and freight company operating in the travel and transportation industry. With over 2000 employees, the company faced a significant challenge of lacking visibility into its extensive sales pipeline. The existing systems in place were disconnected and hindered the efficient management of customer relationships. Recognising the need for a modern and comprehensive solution, the company approached risual wo supported them in locating a solution – the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution, which combines LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. 

Implementation & Benefits: 

By leveraging the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution, the company provided its sellers with: 

• A centralised platform that offered enhanced context, tools, and insights.  

• Streamlined processes and gain true visibility into the sales pipeline, resulting in increased conversion chances from the initial stages. 

• Personalised and meaningful customer engagements, leading to improved customer relationships and ultimately driving revenue growth. 

Outcomes and Achievements:  

Since implementing the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution, the company has witnessed a remarkable uplift in various areas of activity. The Vice President of the company expressed satisfaction with the results, stating,

“Just by getting the team using the platform, we’ve seen an uplift of activity in all areas. We’ve had record growth since implementing Microsoft Relationship Sales – the last quarter was excellent for us.”

This statement highlights the positive impact that the integrated platform has had on the company’s overall performance, with increased efficiency, improved sales processes, and a higher success rate in building and nurturing customer relationships. 


The case of the global logistics and freight company in the travel and transportation industry underscores the significance of visibility and efficiency in managing sales pipelines. By adopting the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution, the company successfully addressed the challenge of disconnected systems and gained a unified platform that provided centralised context, tools, and insights. With enhanced sales processes and improved visibility, the company experienced significant growth and more meaningful customer engagements, resulting in strengthened customer relationships and increased revenue. 

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