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Leading British fashion designer Paul Smith, based in Nottingham and London, has a global network of retail outlets and supplies to 66 countries on a wholesale basis. Paul Smith embraced the Microsoft cloud operating system vision and built an agile, responsive global IT infrastructure, managed by a small IT team, providing efficient services to ensure that the business continues to play a leading role in the fashion industry—while keeping costs down.


Optimises the Infrastructure

  • With Windows Server and Hyper-V virtualizsation technologies, risual architected an IT infrastructure that aligns better with the business

Improves Business Agility

  • Service Predictability Having a more focused consumption based approach and strategy coupled with hybrid cloud flexibility means Paul Smith is agile and cost considered, providing IT services when the business needs it.

Reduces Costs

  • Thanks to virtualisation and increased server density, Paul Smith reduced hardware acquisition and maintenance costs by £840,000 (US$1.4 million), according to figures compiled for the first year it deployed Windows Server 2012.

Enhances Disaster Recovery Capabilities

  • When Paul Smith started using Windows Server and Hyper-V as a foundation for its business continuity strategy, it reduced its recovery time objective from 48 hours to 5 minutes

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