Discover how risual helped a Police force to ensure they had the best modern technology available to ensure success during a global pandemic.

A critical organisation during a pandemic.  

Regardless of a pandemic organisations priorities are, looking after its clients and to deliver an impeccable service. As a critical worker throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the national police force needed to think and respond fast, more than ever.  

The police force had found that they had less staff available to hand due to needing to self-isolate in response to the coronavirus. However, as a critical organisation, day-to-day duties and the service still needed to continue.  

Supporting a Police Force throughout an uncertain time with Modern Technology. 

The client is working with risual through the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure it has continuous 24×7 support, assistance with its 1st line service deck, and providing officers access to the systems 24×7 from anywhere. To ensure it received the most tailored support throughout this uncertain time, the force will have a dedicated risual Service Delivery Manager who will be working as an extension to their own team.  

A tailored service to meet the desired requirements.  

Currently, the police force and risual are working closely together to finalise the Service Design Plan and agree SLA’s. Establishing a close relationship and understanding the forces’ requirements has led to a tailored Managed Service to specifically meet the desired outcomes.  

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