Microsoft recommended risual to engage with a client who was struggling massively during COVID-19. The client was a not-for-profit organisation working with over 1000 employees but unfortunately, due to COVID-19 action restraints against the closure of shops and a reduction in human activities the client’s income had significantly decreased. An urgent need to evaluate unnecessary expenditure and cut down on costs had arisen. Options were being considered for future cloud hosting solutions.  

In partnership, Microsoft and risual worked together to create a Cloud Hosting Value Report to review their current Azure and on-premise activities, data and spending. Microsoft and risual performed: 

  • Cloud Application Analysis 
  • Cost Optimisation Review 
  • Movere Assessment 
  • Modern Workplace Assessment 

The client was then able to see where the potential to save was through a report that showed clearly and concisely all Cloud spending.  

Moving forward the client has saved significant amounts through cutting out unneeded products and moving to more Cloud-based services. risual provided three key recommendations to implement going forward as the client sets up their 3-year savings plan: 

  • Optimise Microsoft 365 licensing (including the removal of competing applications to save up to £460,246 a over 3 years).  
  • Optimise the Azure environment to save up to £122,808 over 3 years. 
  • Streamline the current cloud strategy (for the general-purpose clouds i.e. AWW and Azure) and prepare for running additional workloads as cloud services (e.g. data and AI). 

Over the next 3 years the client, following our recommendations, could see a total savings of over £580,000.  

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