Discover how in these uncertain times, risual Managed Services transformation a council during the global pandemic.

Globally, we have had to face a variety of challenges since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has shaken the normality and put a huge strain on many organisations. Industry wide, organisations have been quick to respond to the uncertain situation. 

20% of remote working staff, soon to change.  

One of risual’s clients, a large council who is partnered with two other local councils and delivers a shared ICT support service, recently ran a service that supported approximately 10,500 end users who were deployed over 3 sites. 20% of staff worked remotely, and since COVID-19 and the organisation continuity plans, this needed to change.  

The need for change – responding to a pandemic. 

In order to remain business as usual and continue to deliver a valuable and credible service to its community the shared ICT service needed to act fast. The council had an outdated process which enabled staff to log calls only via email, meaning there was no flexibility. Responding quickly to COVID-19 with an understanding that the current process simply wouldn’t be adequate during the isolation period, it was decided to immediately implement a telephone-based Service Desk facility which would also run out of hours.  

Continuous improvements and thinking big. 

Fortunately, the councils had an established relationship with risual due to just starting its cloud migration project, thus risual reviewed its current telephony services. In the interests of speed and functionality, risual recommended to enhance its current telephony platform to enable several DDI’s to support the initial requirement, and needing to think bigger to continue adapting with the changing economy and environment, the long term plan was to enable Microsoft Teams across all three councils with full contact centre features. This a big change for the client, even more so at a faced pace in the current situation – but it needed to happen. Both councils and risual understood it does not have the capacity to support a 24×7/365 service internally, therefore it would be more effective to outsource the Service Desk Team and capabilities from risual.  

Get your 24×7/365 safety net with risual Managed Services. 

risual’s Managed Services (rMS) team delivers a unique, flexible and proactive service to its clients 24×7/365, all delivered by security cleared engineers and ITIL compliant. rMS will encourage more from your staff, technology and investments.  

Adapting to pandemic and moving forward with Managed Services.  

Throughout COVID-19 we have seen many organisations close, work remotely or furlough its staff. Thus, has created a focus around business continuity, the ability for staff to connect to systems remotely, communicate more effectively and move towards more efficient technology. The councils and shared ICT Services have now kick started the project which will run for 6 months to meet the growing demand for out of hours support whilst on boarding new technology and getting used to remote working.  

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