A London University was working alongside a training provider to support the recruitment and interviews of relevant apprenticeship opportunities. Unfortunately, communication between the two parties was poor, resulting in several issues in relation to the quality of attendees being selected and interviewed for the roles. The university had therefore lost its return on investment and was keen to find another solution that would save time and effort. 

The client wanted to find a recommended training provider that could deliver fast results on time. The training provider needed to communicate consistently with the University to ensure the objectives are met in full and that progress could be made with new apprenticeship. 

risual education

risual education was contacted by the client to complete the project and develop a coordinated strategy. The apprenticeship vacancies were designed according to the client’s requirements, discussed through regular meetings. The risual education team are experts in the field and were able to recruit three apprentices for the university to work with reaching the target in full. The University initially wanted to recruit 2 apprentices but decided to take on an additional one, due to the success of the project.  

The university was able to explain its requirements to risual and rely on their support to find ideal candidates in a short amount of time.  

3 apprentices were carefully selected and recruited by risual’s services.  
The communication is ongoing between both parties, for future services.
The university was able to rely on risual and focus its efforts on other projects.
New apprentices were able to support the client’s workforce effectively.


The client is very satisfied with the services it received and would like to continue working with risual for further recruitment projects in the future. Both parties stay in regular contact to ensure the client has all the services it requires.  

risual and the client have been working together on recruitment operations over the past years and we were able to collect NPS feedback consistently. The client rated our latest services 10/10, expressing a high level of satisfaction specifically towards Richard Yardy (Employer Engagement Manager at risual):  

“We’ve been partnered with risual for our apprenticeship placements for a number of years now, and Rich and the team continue to be brilliant. Rich has just organised a recruitment round for us which has gone really well. He placed the advert, shortlisted applicants and arranged the interviews for us, leaving us to conduct the interviews. Totally painless process and we’ve appointed three fantastic candidates.” 

At risual we want to ensure all our clients are fully satisfied with the services we offer. Our current NPS score is 76, considerably higher than industry average (60). 

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