With the on-going development of the online world, a local council was looking to develop its digital presence with mobile applications and gain exposure for its services. The client was mostly using a telephone system to process enquiries and had difficulties keeping track of them. The council desired a new App able to integrate a communication channel and recognise verified citizens securely to offer its relevant services.   

The creation of an App with highly secured features of authentication was required by the client. The app would also need to be user friendly for citizens to use and access information. The client wanted an App that could also have flexible options to adjust its features when services change. 

A full business scope and analysis was produced by risual experts to identify all requirements from the council. An advanced app was then developed and designed to be compatible on IOS and Android platforms for maximum exposure. User registration features were included in the App so users can verify their identity through email, postal address and council tax information. Additional security options were also included, such as biometric authentication for users to easily login into their accounts with a finger touch. This information enabled the council to have a high level of security for the citizens involved. The App can share news about the council, available for all users and keep them up to date with the latest updates. Enquiry features were also introduced into the App, for registered citizens to easily raise cases, ask for planning permissions or tax enquiries. risual was able to introduce notifications features using Azure technology. The App can send out personalised notifications to users and inform them about various updates. 

The council will be able to add much value to the services offered and increase accessibility to registered citizens with the App available on both IOS and Android platforms. Users will easily access important information through their mobile devices and book enquiries with the council directly through the App. The information used by the council and the citizens is safely secured into a cloud-based platform providing unlimited storage space. The council can easily get in touch with registered users and communicate with them through the App reducing delays and administrative costs of office-based operations. For any changes in its services, the council can make in-house adjustments to the App or ask for further support from risual. 

The client and risual are making the final adjustments to ensure the App is operating perfectly and includes all the necessary features before the launch. Both parties are in regular contact to ensure a high level of communication and client satisfaction.  

risual and the client have been working together over the past year towards the client’s digital transformation to implement the new App and during this time we have collected NPS (Net promoter score) feedback consistently to ensure high value services. The client rated some of our services 9/10, expressing satisfaction specifically towards Thomas Egerton (Workload Coordinator at risual) and Joe Tomkinson (Software Developer at risual) working closely on the project. 

“The entire project has been delivered very professionally and in an inclusive collaborative manner. Thomas Egerton and Joe Tomkinson have been highly competent, very knowledgeable and committed interface with our team and they have been instrumental in the successful outcome of the citizen Mobile Application project.” 

We would like to ensure that our clients are always fully satisfied with the services we offer by asking for consistent feedback. Our current NPS score is 76, considerably over industry average (60) which demonstrates our focus on client satisfaction. 

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