This case involves a police force within the UK public sector. The organisation is responsible for coordinating operations, driving reforms, improving processes, and ensuring value for money. Their objective was to establish a central hub that would serve as a reliable source of information, enabling effective content management and secure information sharing. 

Situation: The policing organisation recognised the need for a centralised platform to manage content and facilitate safe information sharing. With numerous manual processes in place, they sought a solution that would streamline operations, digitise workflows, and enhance collaboration among employees. 

Solution: To address the force’s requirements, risual designed and created a SharePoint hub. This hub served as a centralised repository where employees could store and collaborate on content, ensuring consistency and accuracy. In addition, risual implemented various digital forms and workflows using Power Automate, automating and simplifying many of the organisation’s manual day-to-day processes. 

Impact: The implementation of the SharePoint hub and associated digital forms and workflows delivered several key impacts: 

  • Streamlined Operations: risual’s solution helped the organisation to define and digitise many of their manual processes. By automating these processes, the organisation experienced increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity. 
  • Effective Content Management: The SharePoint hub provided a single source of truth for the organisation, enabling efficient content management. Employees could easily store, organise, and retrieve information, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date content was readily accessible. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The secure hub facilitated collaboration among employees, allowing them to work together more effectively. With centralised content and collaborative tools, employees could easily share information, work on projects collectively, and foster a culture of knowledge sharing. 

In summary, risual’s implementation of the SharePoint hub and the integration of digital forms and workflows using Power Automate had a positive impact on the policing organisation. The solution streamlined operations by digitising manual processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. The centralised hub served as a secure platform for content management, enabling employees to collaborate more effectively and ensuring access to accurate information. Overall, risual’s solution helped the organisation work better, improve processes, and achieve their objective of providing value for money in their operations. 

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