An Oil and Gas market leader previously required an upgrade to its existing Exchange 2010 system. In the process, the client needed to migrate over 4,000 accounts from various locations across the world including Indonesia and the UK. The legacy system, Exchange 2010, required to be decommissioned for security purposes.  

Exchange 2016

The client required a transfer to Exchange 2016 with a migration of accounts from one system to the other, avoiding any data security issues.  

The decommission of the previous system, Exchange 2010 was made but several technical issues were identified in the process. risual consulting services (rCS) insured a complete update of the Active Directory (AD) to solve the existing issues and proceed with the new system.  

The implementation of Exchange 2016 was very successful. The accounts and data were transferred without any security issues. The client can now benefit from its new system and identify further areas for improvement. The new system has improved the level of security for employees to work in a safe work environment. Employees can easily share files with each other through SharePoint and OneDrive, saving time and effort. The information shared through Exchange 2016 is accessible from any device connected to the system allowing flexibility and higher productivity for individuals. Smart usability features are also available such as event reminders and the ability to propose new times directly in a meeting invitation. 

Based on its current success, the organisation asked for rCS to analyse and update its journaling and compliance requirements. 

risual and the client have worked together to build a strong relationship. Following its latest project, the client provided NPS (net promoter score) feedback, rating risual’s services 10/10. 

“Always happy with the service provided by risual” 

risual currently holds an NPS score of 74, which is significantly higher than the industry average (60), demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.       

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