Case Notes – Operational Intelligence

risual worked alongside a large Fire and Rescue Service who were struggling with an aging fragmented system, which provided intelligence to their fire fighters when they are responding to an incident. The Fire Service had the requirement to modernise and replace the existing system which was locked into their appliances with one that would be mobile and could be taken anywhere.

The Operational Intelligence application is a Windows UWP tablet based app, which allows fire fighters to view operation intelligence at the touch of a button. Using a powerful mapping system, any locations with available intelligence are displayed to the user around their current location. They can then view this information as well as viewing any specific associated documents like floor plans and any standard operating procedures that may be needed.

The information is all managed through an Azure based website which their commanding officers and OI specialists have access to. Data can be entered and managed directly through the website as well as using the tablet to make edits to OI or create new OI through onsite inspections which are then placed into an approval system.

Firefighters will now be able to view this information when responding to an incident. This both protects the fire fighters from potential hazards and dangers and protects the Fire Service from a legality standpoint. The system was designed by a risual enterprise architect and the design, build and documentation were produced by development team who worked on creating a Windows UWP application. Testing was performed by our qualified QA testers.

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