A large Police Force engaged with risual in search of a solution to help make improvements across the force and provide more reliable and sufficient services for the public. To achieve the goals, the Force identified the current state of the data and highlighted the underlying problems in order to work on a digital improvement strategy. This is not possible without knowing where the Force is currently. 

risual performed a comprehensive assessment across the existing operational data platform to identify overall maturity level. Following this, a list of recommendations and actions to improve the data maturity was supplied which will aim to help better the data, its processes, integration and provide better analytics which all together will improve the overall use of the data.   

Maturity models help incorporate traditionally separate organisational functions, set process improvement goals and priorities, guide quality processes, and provide a benchmark for appraising current processes outcomes. 

risual will continue to work with the Force to help transformation its data architecture, modelling, and security. We will be diligently working with the business in guiding them to a greater future. 

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