A local council had difficulties using its windows 10 platform with the corporate VPN used, compromising their data access and security. The client was looking for a cloud transformation with Azure technology to have a more accessible cloud system. 

The council required an alternative solution to access its data securely, including software updates, inventory and compliance information. 

Cloud Management Gateway

risual offered a full range of options available to the council using a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG). This Azure-hosted service uses a cloud distribution point (DP) in which internet clients can communicate through. This system provides an easier and secure way to manage internet-based devices avoiding risks with security and protection. It uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificates to secure the communication channel.   

Security and control

With the use of CMG, the council can manage and control software updates securely. This process is a great advantage for the organisation as it does not require us to make updates on the DPs which would be inefficient due to extra storage space required and additional costs.  

The client is keen to pursue its cloud transformation with risual who can provide further direction and architecture for a more agile business. 

risual and the council have been working together over the past years to develop the organisation’s cloud transformation and offer other services such as apprentice training. The client provided consistent feedback with the NPS (net promoter score) measurement, rating risual’s services 10/10 on each occasion and expressing high satisfaction specifically towards the education services.    

“risual have gone to great lengths to support my apprentice. It’s very much appreciated.” 

risual currently holds an NPS score of 76, which is significantly higher than the industry average (60), demonstrating a strong focus on client satisfaction.     

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