risual collaborated with a not-for-profit organisation with over 500 employees as its Azure Enterprise Agreement was due to expire. The company was looking at their options for renewal and due to current circumstances wanted a cost-effective and flexible licensing model.   

The client had clear requirements: 

  • To be able to scale up and down.  
  • Cost-effective agreement.  
  • Must complete the same objectives as the previous agreement.  
  • Drive optimisation of technologies.  
  • Support the existing Azure platform. 

Together, risual and the client worked to understand its current Azure spend and what resources they still required in the subscription. We provided a blended recommendation of pay-as-you-go and reserved instances to save the client money. Discussions were also had over whether the client’s virtual machines had ever been optimised – they had not.  

Written within the contract was a rule to run an optimisation tool in the first few months to ensure identification of when the machines should run and whether any cost savings could be made.  

Moving forward, and after collaborating with the client for some time it has been made clear that following our recommendations the client can save over £2000 a month by just re-evaluating their subscription and technologies.  

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