The Problem

As a leading provider of frozen meals to hospitals, care homes and local authorities, apetito know the value of good nutrition more than anyone. They’re committed to providing a wide range of delicious, appealing and nutritionally balanced meals therefore they must ensure their customers continue to receive the high quality they are used to. apetito found the legacy data base system they were using previously did not meet the requirements that were essential in maintaining or increasing the productivity and service levels of the business. Their specialist engineers are required to maintain manufacturing equipment, including keeping track of servicing schedules, remediational work and any maintenance problems. apetito’s previous database solution presented the following issues:

Poor storage of case management information.

Single user restricitons – causing continual system lock out to administrators.

Lack of capacity causing a slow and unresponsive user experience.

Overall these issues made it difficult for engineers to manage their work, leading to a slowing down in productivity but more significantly was having a major impact on the production of meals.

The Solution

Implementing this solution has enabled apetito to transform their strategy to maintain their manufacturing equipment. The solution risual provided to apetito is a bespoke web based application, providing real time data to all users which includes the following features and benefits:

A multi-user maintenance management system for any number of assets within an organisation.

Multiple users are able to record, track and manage maintenance tasks performed on assets that require maintenance.

Ad-hoc work orders can be created on the day and are recorded instantly.

Work orders can be planned up to a year in advance.

The system can also generate multiple work orders based on a user-defined frequency, be that years, months, days, minutes or even seconds.

Designed with cloud in mind with minimal effort and changes required

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