Discover how agile app development allowed one of risual’s clients to complete their transformation journey.

Being experts in transformational services, many of our clients come to us looking to take a step away from manual processes and legacy systems and move towards automation. There are so many opportunities now for organisations of all sizes to increase the efficiency of their daily tasks and massively reduce costs. This is exactly what a District Council in North England was looking to do.

Like many councils in the UK, this District Council was delivering a lot of services in traditional and legacy ways. This client recognised the need to change this, however, and looked to change the way it operated to modernise the organisation and increase its productivity. This client did extremely well to react in light of COVID-19 and was looking to digitise as many of its services as possible so that it could continue to operate during this challenging period.

To deliver this project, risual will use its Application Development resource, which is an agile method. The main focus will be on user research and discovery to ensure that we understand the challenges and restrictions on the client’s current way of working. The Assessment and Strategy phase is aimed at gathering requirements and information that will influence how the application is developed. risual will do this through workshops and user research sessions. Following that, our App Dev team will design a platform that is in-line with each requirement, providing the Council with the ability to deliver all services through an application.

This digital transformation was already a long-term plan for the District County as they have been aware of and focussed on modernisation for some time. Despite having the right vision, little action had taken place before they contacted risual for help. Although it was not the sole reason for contacting risual, the COVID-19 outbreak did act as an accelerator for their transformation as the need for a digitised service became far more crucial.

Thanks to the implementation of the new platform and application, this client will be able to provide a better service for its clients and make more of their services available. It will also reduce the burden on Council staff to manage inbound enquiries and enable them to focus on providing more value.

As it has done to many employees, the current situation has more pressure on multiple employees at the District Council to pick up more tasks. This new application will help to ensure that in the future, if anything of this nature happens again, they will be better prepared and have the support they need to maintain the delivery of services with little internal restructure.

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