A territorial Police Force were searching for a solution which enabled their systems to be constantly available and ensure that their servers wouldn’t have a single point of failure. The Police Force needed to ensure the end user wouldn’t experience a disruption in service at any point due to a server failure – for this they also wanted a quick and simple solution which rapidly improved their working environment to a more consistent, secure and flexible state.

The territorial Police Force reached out to risual Ltd looking for peace of mind that they could offer a solution which would work and solve all current problems. The Police Force were suggested that a Load Balancing Solution would solve all their problems and encourage for a much better-quality working environment and outstanding services for the end user.

The Police Force selected risual Ltd to be the chosen partner for this project due to risual’s collaborative partnership with customer and the fact risual had assisted them with many projects before, including a unified voice and messaging solution. The customer trusted that risual would only suggest an application delivery control partner that would be right for their needs due to their understanding of their infrastructure.

As part of the engagement, risual were happy to suggest a trustworthy partner to complete the Load Balancing Project. KEMP Technologies are an award-winning Application Delivery company who focus on Load Balancers and creating a smooth-running working environment for the customers.

After working with risual and KEMP Technologies to provide a resilient trustworthy solution the Force have now deployed over 15 KEMP hardware and virtual appliances which all run on the latest Microsoft Technology. The combination of virtual and physical load balancers ensures that there is always a backup to maintain high levels of service even in the event of a disaster. The Project has added value to the Police Force’s investment and provided them with more flexibility along with ensuring a consistent end user experience.


·         Flexible working environment

·         Ensuring zero outage when servers fail to end users

·         Consistent end user experience

·         Security and proactive monitoring

·         Traffic-management and Hybrid traffic distribution

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