Hybrid work creates new opportunities – and new challenges.

From our personal experience, many businesses are continuing with a hybrid workforce. Businesses can unlock true collaboration potential with the use of Windows 11 that just keeps getting better for business, with new experiences designed specifically for hybrid work.

Windows 11 is designed to provide flexibility, world class security and a productive solution for hybrid work. Windows 11 continues to adapt and improve to offer an inclusive experience and seamless device management.

Microsoft UK have recently shared interesting stats which really highlight the workplace transition and the new opportunities and challenges which come with hybrid work.

  • Diverse computing needs: 57% of remote employees plan to shift to hybrid – while 51% of hybrid employees are considering a move to remote work permanently.
  • Organisational risks: 68% of companies report experiencing a breach due to exploitation of an endpoint in 2021.
  • IT Complexity: 67% of IT professionals feel overwhelmed by trying to manage remote work.

Windows 11 will help maximise the new opportunities that come with hybrid work and work to diminish any challenges that arise. Windows 11 will securely stream your entire Microsoft 365 experience including all apps, data and settings to any device.

Windows achieves greater business security, from chip to cloud

Secure business and customer data while addressing growing complexity in compliance and optimising for business outcomes.

Windows delivers a flexible, inclusive, and accessible computing experience for all roles

Accelerate onboarding and offboarding employees, vendors, and contractors across a variety of devices and locations with zero-touch approach, scaling as needed.

Windows empowers IT with easier device management

Empower IT to manage the entire endpoint footprint of a distributed workforce across platforms and device types. 

If you’re thinking about how you can empower your people, modernise your business and increase security we have a series of offers available to immediately support your requirements. 

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