If you do not know what to do with your life

Are you confused or do not know what to do next in your life? Perhaps recently, you have experienced a divorce or separation, lost someone significant, been fired, or graduated. It does not matter what had happened. You sense it means it is a time to decide on the next step in your life. When going through a difficult period of doubt and uncertainty, remember these three essential items.


No one succeeds in everything at once. Everyone has difficulties; even a friend with an incredible career, honouring children, and a wealthy husband has problems. Even a friend who recently married and moved south is not doing well.
Do not desire someone else life, even if it seems happy. Do not relax, thinking that we have finally overcome all the difficulties: most often, in such cases, obstacles arise on the way. Sharp turns are a fundamental part of life; we cannot avoid them. If you catch yourself thinking: “everyone is fine except me”,- the impression is illusory.


Not need to plan your professional life step by step before you start working. Not need to know what you want out of life or find a partner who fits you. Life is a process of research and discovery. Allow yourself to develop and become better by trying and learning new items. Sometimes new hobbies stay with us for life, sometimes not. It does not matter.

Most of us take life too seriously- that is our problem.

If something does not happen as we hoped or planned, we are often discouraged. We often think, “we are not good enough”, admit defeat, and stop trying something new.
Everything in this life comes with experience. Often we make plans that do not work, and actions fail — it is not the end of the world; in fact, we have received a necessary experience. Only this supports the development of a new effective plan. Life is a journey, not the fulfilment of a project.


When we try to understand ourselves, we are distracted from life in the present moment. If something good happens, if new opportunities arise, we do not often notice it. Stop forcing yourself to “clean up” your life. Allow yourself to enjoy life in here and now. Allow yourself to just be yourself with pleasant little items like a cup of coffee and a good book, or perhaps an evening walk, dinner with a close friend.

We flow into the natural flow of life when we stop, relax, and allow ourselves to enjoy what we have.

The moment will enable you to understand better what decisions to make. Stop for a moment and look inside yourself: are you upset that not everything in life is perfect? Understand the cause of the confusion, and ask yourself: how to eliminate the need for perfection? What can you do every day to eliminate the tension? Try it, and you will see it will work.

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