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Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect each year for organisations of all sizes. Luckily, Security technology is evolving rapidly and can counter most of these threats when the appropriate measures are taken. Did you know that 95% of security breaches are due to human error? (Cybint, 2021). Imagine the difference we could make by reducing this percentage and being more aware of the sophisticated options available now. In the US alone, the average amount of business lost due to cyber-attacks was around $1.52 million in 2020. This includes client records, a decrease in revenue due to system downtime and the increasing cost of acquiring new business due to diminished reputation (IBM, 2021). As a result, it has become a business priority for many businesses around the world to adopt cloud security technologies to avoid all types of breaches. 

What is Security Posture and Secure Score?  

Microsoft Secure Score is a function that enables you to analyse your current systems and identify areas of improvement for security measures. As mentioned in the name, this service also gives you an estimated “score” out of 100 on your security posture. At least, you will know if you need to make changes, right? Secure Score will provide you with the means necessary to improve your posture with detailed insights and guidance. Your score is based on all the infrastructures, devices and software used in an organisation, so you will get all the details you need. On top of that, your score is compared to other organisations’ scores to give you an idea of where your position is in the market. With the guidance provided by Microsoft you can make changes to your organisation’s security while the Secure Score will update your progress consistently so you can report to others. 

All-important security information can be accessed through the Microsoft 365 Defender portal from any connected device in the cloud. When you are out of the office, for example, you can still check your progress in real time with your smartphone and ensure you are reaching your objectives! Take a look at what the dashboard looks like when in use: 

Talking about objectives, you might have specific ones related to security for your organisation to reach? Well, you are in luck, as Secure Score enables you to set up specific settings to monitor and evaluate. The service is also fully compatible with other Microsoft solutions for security, so you can implement other solutions along with Secure Score and connect them together for more valuable insights. 

How to use it? 

Secure Score is an intuitive solution that automatically scans your organisation’s posture and offers suggestions for improvement. You could choose the recommended features or select your own based on your preference. You will also receive guidance from Secure Score on simple tasks you can take to make meaningful changes to your security posture. For more complex Tasks around Secure Score and security services you can contact us directly and benefit from our support in real time. We also have a full video on how to specifically improve your security posture using Microsoft Secure Score with our Cloud Transformation Director, Ian Stretton and one of our security consultants, Paul Platt. 

Use intelligent insights to improve your organsation’s security posture with Microsoft Secure Score – YouTube 

The main benefits to remember:  

  • You can measure your current score and identify which areas of security require improvement to increase your overall score and secure the organisation. 
  • Secure Score enables you to compare your score with companies like yours to give you a good estimate of what objectives you could set up. 
  • Using Microsoft 365 Defender as a dashboard, you can evaluate every aspect of your organisation’s security detail and be fully aware of the option available to you. 
  • You can measure your progress overtime with the changes you decide to make. All information is updated for you in real time. You can easily plan your actions with the level of detail you receive from the dashboard. 
  • Microsoft Secure Score is an adaptive technology that regularly updates itself according to the current trends, avoiding any inconsistencies. 

Looking for a provider? 

As mentioned previously, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner that specialises in cloud technology. We offer a modern approach, where we adapt to each business we work with. Our expert scans the security systems of organisations to understand their current positioning and offer services accordingly.  

Have you ever considered having your security systems managed by experts so you can focus your efforts elsewhere in the business? risual’s managed Security Operation Centre (SOC) offers 24/7 monitoring of all business environments. Our security cleared engineers offer their expertise with Microsoft technology and report to companies directly. All features are included within the service, including government compliance and security laws. Our expert will also work alongside organisations to discuss and set objectives. 

You can also review your security systems within an organisation in under 4 days with the support of our experts. The Cloud Security Review offer enables you to identify all misconfigurations you may have in your security solutions and adjust them to high standards. Any gaps or weaknesses will be identified and resolved for you and training will be provided to understand Microsoft’s security technology. A detailed roadmap will be developed by our experts for you to understand your next steps to achieve the best security measures possible. 

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