Cyber Security Powered by Automation?

As you probably know, cyber security is a key factor for businesses of all sizes to consider at all times of their growth journey. The complexity of the digital world may confuse some of us on how to take the right steps for each business. Threats are always changing and adapting to cyber security technology, so it becomes difficult to always understand them fully.  

Did you know that human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches (IBM, 2020). In other words, 19 out of 20 cases of security breaches could be avoided if we were to eliminate human intervention in regard to security. This sounds alarming but it can also make you think, what if we were to reduce human error by using automation for example? We could use intelligent technology to detect and block any external threats without us interfering with it as much.

Maybe you should consider using a sophisticated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). This solution is an advanced software that detects, manages external threats, delivers reports and notifications to the appropriate stakeholders of an organisation. 

Which SIEM is the most relevant for your business?  

Based on multiple successful operations we have deployed; Azure Sentinel appears to be a highly effective SIEM for business of all sizes to adopt. This solution is able to cover the security structure of any business and scan external threats occurring. Azure sentinel consistently studies the security environment of a business and stores valuable information in the cloud. The stored data can then be used for detailed insights into the security levels and potential weaknesses that could be corrected.  

The solution is known to offer advanced visibility over every single department used by a business, unlocking detailed information never analysed before. Most of all, the data collected and analysed by Azure Sentinel is simplified. The information is easier to understand for non-IT professionals who require update or security reports from the solution. 

In terms of flexibility, Azure Sentinel is a highly compatible tool that can be accessed on any device connected to the Cloud. Let’s imagine you are out of the office with limited access to your work devices, you can still monitor your security structure from your mobile. You are also able to make changes and updates directly from your tablet or phone device, with an internet connection. This feature can offer you peace of mind and update you automatically on any changes anywhere you are. 

The use of Azure Sentinel improves the efficiency and effectiveness of security operation center (SOC) teams for each business. IT staff members can use automation to their advantage by avoiding administrative tasks and focus on more complex issues. Human errors will drastically be reduced and therefore fewer breaches are likely to occur within an organisation supported by Azure Sentinel.  

(Microsoft, 2021) 

What will you achieve with automation? 

Based on what we have discussed previously, you can probably imagine that Azure Sentinel has the potential to unlock key benefits for many businesses that require high standards of cyber-security. Let’s have a look at what the statistics say about this technology.  

Azure Sentinel has proven to reduce costs overtime by as much as 48% compared to traditional SIEMs or other legacy systems (Microsoft, 2021). You can invest the savings made towards the growth of your business and develop more financial efficiency. 

The solution is also known to offer high standards of security with automated features. Studies have shown that business the implementation of this SIEM can provide over 200% (ROI) return on investment (Forrester, 2021). In other words, you are very likely to get your money’s worth when using this technology. In case those statistics didn’t impress you, know that you can implement this new solution and operate your security structure very quickly. The deployment takes on average 67% less time with this pre-built SIEM content and out-of-the box functionality (Forrester, 2021). Azure technology truly ensures that you have access to advanced but simple features for your security measures. 

Why not make allow your SOC Team to focus on other priorities? Eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance time. The solution automatically updates itself for your organisation and creates reports on every security detail you need to know about.  

How can you integrate automated services? 

You may be wondering how do I implement this service with the right provider and obtain relevant training to understand all the features available? You can contact risual, a Microsoft Gold partner that focuses on supporting other businesses with cloud transformation.  

As a security expert, we aim to understand how things work in your company and the culture that empowers your people. We are able to adjust our security services to match the requirements of companies of all sizes. 

To gather more information on Azure Sentinel or implement the service to your organisation, you can contact us now and gain our full support. You can also read more about our successful operations around Azure Sentinel with other businesses. 

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