Cloud Security – New World with Different Expectations?

With the development and the complexity of the digital world, the need for cloud security measures to cover businesses from cyber-threats has increased. According to studies from Gartner, 95 % of CIOs (Chief Information Officer) expect cybersecurity threats to get worse, as we evolve in cloud technology and integrate new processes. Sounds scary right? In the UK only, 46% of businesses reported cyberthreats or breaches in their systems (UK Government, 2021). This number is likely to increase in the next few years, as the complexity of software technology evolves. Using legacy systems such VPNs or old versions of Windows can make your organisation more vulnerable to cyberthreats. Based on the UK Government’s report, around 20% of UK businesses are currently using legacy systems, making them highly vulnerable to incoming threats. Obviously, breaches come with many disadvantages such loss of valuable data, personal information, lack of trust with clients and financial loss. In fact, large organisations can lose up to £1.2 million in one single breach, creating important financial difficulties in most cases (UK Government, 2021). 

As a result of these consequences, companies should be aware of the available options to improve their security posture and limit the risk of cyber attacks. With optimal security measures, companies can avoid dramatic consequences and focus their efforts on growing the business with a safe environment for employees to work in. 

Have you heard about Microsoft Azure? 

You are probably wondering what the best options are to optimise security and avoid threats right now? Well, there are many options available as you can imagine, but they don’t all have the same value or features suitable for your business.  

Azure Microsoft security is known for its strong adaptive capabilities and simple features to use. Most importantly, this technology adopts a zero-trust security approach, where nothing is trusted by default, and everything is verified. The beauty of this technology is the Security Center that adapts security controls to changing threats towards your organisation. In other words, Azure is always up to date with the latest security trends and reacts to them accordingly. Azure analyses your organisation services and identifies any gaps or weaknesses that could be affected in the future, allowing you to be prepared for any incoming threats.  

Microsoft owns the physical infrastructure of the Azure platform and handles security in data centers across the world to ensure unauthorised users cannot physically access your customer data. Sounds very secure right? Aspects such as physical data center, access control, mandatory security training for staff, background checks are all covered by Microsoft data centers connected to Azure technology. 

Azure Security Center is a unified security management system, that enables customers to benefit from many features. With this service, you have enhanced visibility and control over all the departments of your business while increasing your overall security posture. What else would you need for a business? Well, this service also detects and blocks all kinds of threats with sophisticated features. The best thing about Azure is that the system is regularly updated to be reactive with all new and upcoming threats so that’s something less to worry about.  

Secure Score is one of the options available to you in the Security Centre. The feature allows you to measure your security posture using multiple pre-built controls simple to use with a bit of training. You can watch our Secure Score video, with Ian Stretton (Director of cloud transformation at risual) explaining how the process works in more detail. 

Use intelligent insights to improve your organsation’s security posture with Microsoft Secure Score – YouTube

Why would you implement this technology? 

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to counter with basic technology or solutions. Even with cloud technology, it is important to understand all the security options available to counter threats and avoid dramatic consequences. As threats are more sophisticated, so is Azure cloud technology. The level of sophistication is required to be operated by experts to get the best value out of these services.  

At risual, we offer Managed Security Operation Centre as a service. The process covers all security measures ranging from threats detection and analysis to full reports for many businesses 24/7. Our certified engineers have the knowledge and skills to operate azure technology and counter any cyber threats. The key to this service is that risual consistently communicate with companies to inform them about the latest trends and ensure their security objectives are met in full. With this type of service, you don’t have to worry about your security measures and focus your attention elsewhere.  

cloud security review could also be an effective way to scan your organisation and identify any misconfigurations that could lead to breaches. You can acquire training for your staff to understand Microsoft technology better and develop a detailed roadmap for security improvements in under 4 days! 

Do you need more information regarding cloud security? Get in touch with our cloud security expert directly and find out more about your options now. 

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