Why take on an IT apprentice?

As a business you may sometimes wonder why take on an IT Apprentice? What the advantages are for taking on an apprentice?

Besides helping 16+ year olds get on the career ladder and building the next generation of pioneers, there are many benefits on taking an IT apprentice.

Through apprenticeships you attract fresh talent, that support businesses new ideas, help the business growth plans and with new people you get to implement these ideas.

Apprentices bring new energy to any business and are eager to learn and develop new skills. Being trained now means that apprentices will learn skills that supports the business.  Having industry qualified trainers and assessors, we are making sure that we are always up to date with the latest technology and imparting knowledge that can be used in the workplace.

Within the tech industry, hiring the right person who will stay for longer than a year can be challenging. A lot of our employers, our-self included have found that apprentices make the most loyal employees; one of our longest serving employee of 13 years started off as an apprentice!

Every employer has a duty in meeting social responsibilities to their local community. By taking on an apprentice, you are:

  • Improving the career prospects for young people and boosting the economy
  • Showing that the business is socially responsible, and increasing the business’s profile
  • Helping to tackle unemployment in the local area, and creating a more diverse workforce
  • Supporting the UK’s strategy to help young people into employment.

If you are interested to learn more and find out how you can benefit from taking on an IT Apprentice, then please contact myself ranuk@risual.com or the education team education@risual.com. You can also give us a call 0300 303 2044 or visit the website via https://www.risual.com/education/

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