Learning tools including the Immersive reader in risual Education

Using the Learning Tools platforms with our apprentices has been a game changer. All our apprentices have the ability to personalise their learning style to suit their own personal needs and requirements for a better learning experience. We actively encourage ever single apprentice to use the tools available in everyday situations to make for a better experience for all involved and the results have been amazing.

What is Immersive Reader?

Immersive Reader is free tool that changes the way in which we can view and processes reading materials. It can improve comprehension, encourage independent reading and make text more user friendly. It is designed to help more than our apprenitces, by providing tools that work for anyone who needs text to become more readable, from changing the fonts, changing the spacing between words and letters or changing the background to a better colour. It can break down language barriers, break words into syllables and has a picture dictionary to see visual definitions of words.

FeatureProven Benefit
Enhanced dictationImproves authoring text
Focus modeSustains attention and improves reading speed
Immersive readingImproves comprehension and sustains attention
Font spacing and short linesImprove reading speed by addressing “visual crowding”
Parts of speechSupports instruction and improves writing quality
SyllabificationImproves word recognition
Comprehension modeImproves comprehension by an average of 10%

Other Learning Tools used throughout risual Education are the new Live Transcription feature which gives our apprentices a way to follow and review meeting conversations/ notes while in our live classroom delivery via Microsoft Teams or after the session has taken place.

Apprentice feedback:

‘I can now review the session content in my own time with the recording provided by my tutor but I am able to link the transcription with the immersive reader for a better reading experience’

‘I find the transcript in sessions really helps me retain focus and knowledge to develop my skills’

‘I always struggled with reading the handouts even though I have no learning difficulties but with the support tools demonstrated by risual, I can know adapt them to suit my learning needs and it is so much easier. I love the immersive reader feature’

Overall the Learning Tools have been a much valued part of everyday education here at risual and we are over the moon with the results expressed by our apprentices.

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