The Web Development community and COVID 19

The world has been hit by a global pandemic and everyone has been forced to adapt in one way or another. Businesses and industries have undergone a massive revolution, and one area that has seen a significant boost is web traffic, especially e-commerce. Due to this it’s more important now than ever that businesses capitalize on this increase of traffic and ensure that they have an active web presence.

This has led to a huge boost in demand for web developers, especially those who are competent in the latest technologies. Skills that are currently in high demand include:

UX/UI design

Websites and web application must be user friendly; the user interface is what draws people in and keeps them there. People are notoriously known for judging a book by its cover, and therefore can make a snap decision to leave your page if the UI looks complicated, confusing or difficult to use. There are many aspects that UI designers must consider, including but not limited to:

  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Call to actions
  • Typography
  • Colour schemes

Front-end developers

Front end development can involve many disciplines, but it will mostly come down to HTML, CSS and Javascript and potentially usage of different frameworks. Developers will turn the designs into real life working websites or web applications that users can interact with.

Back-end developers

Back end developers will be working with server-side languages such as node and PHP, working with databases and configuring servers. They work on features such as user authentication, order handling and data validation.

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