The Effectiveness of Organisational Needs Analysis- ONA

Apprenticeships are the way forward in bridging the digital skills gap and a perfect way of growing your own skilled staff. We not only value our apprentices but also give them the opportunity for an exciting career in IT.

We consume what we offer, therefore we know our apprenticeships truly work with in the technology sector and are effective in developing innovative digital skills. I have successfully transferred what we have done internally to our external customers, from conducting organisational needs analyses to recruiting apprentices into specific roles.

A recent customer was interested by the idea of an apprentice but was unsure how they could support an apprentice and what it meant for the business. I initially sat with them (via teams) to understand what it was they wanted to achieve, there time frame, Onboarding process, the technology they used and where/if there was a digital skills gap. I navigated them through what it meant taking an apprentice, the Levy, the government incentives available to them, best onboarding practices, what a DAS account means, a progression pathway for an apprentice starting at level 3, then at level 4 and their next steps.

All this information gathering was crucial and formed a successful ONA, which allowed me to present back to them and set out how risual education can meet their business requirements through our Digital apprenticeships and bespoke training packages, tailored to what they NEED.

Having this ONA in place makes sure we continuously refer to it and are always heading towards their goals and meeting the employers objectives.

Through our risual ONA we can help identify your business and training needs requirements. Get in touch either with myself at or my team to learn more.

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