Imagine living through this current COVID pandemic, being relatively fit and healthy, yet still having up and down days and craving for human interaction, e.g., hugging a close relative, going on holiday, having a cup of tea, etc.

It’s hard to deal with, correct?

Now try to see it through the eyes of someone who suffers with a condition called Autism.

Do you know that there are more than 20,000 cases diagnosed each year in the UK, in people of all ages?

Well, my brother has suffered with this condition for over 30 years, it took nearly 3 years to be diagnosed for it, imagine how he feels and deals with each day during this pandemic…. I can’t!!

My wife is one of his carers and I assist where I can.

What are the main characteristics of Asperger’s then?

  • Difficulty in assessing other’s feelings and “reading” other people.
  • Having problems understanding humour.
  • Depressive moods.
  • Lack of social awareness.
  • Being sensitive to noise, touch, odour or tastes.
  • Poor muscle coordination.
  • Inability to perceive gestures.

The list goes on……………………….

Cause – Could be in our genes, could be abnormal brain function, but the exact cause is not known.

Treatments – can help manage the condition, but there is no known cure.

Slowly take all that in and then think you must deal with all the above AND deal with the restrictions that the COVID lockdown imposes.

Unable to go to places they feel safe and familiar with.

Unable to see close relatives.

Finally, and more importantly remember …………. COVID-19 is no joke, and it’s real.

Stay safe everyone, hope to see you all on the other side of this pandemic for a …….. You choose?

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